Baby showers: When it rains, it pours

By Published On: May 5th, 2010

Written by: Ginny May 04 2010 It’s raining men in […]

Written by: Ginny

It’s raining men in my world. Well, not men really, but little man-fetuses (fetuses? feti?).

I know a lot of people who are pregnant right now. Take this photo, for example: I went out to eat with some friends from high school on Monday, and the three of us shown here are getting ready to deliver in (left to right) July, August and September. I even have a friend due the exact same day as me! And for whatever reason, the majority of the moms-to-be I know are carrying boys.

I like to keep a supply of baby gifts on hand since I go to showers so frequently—I’m probably invited to an average of two baby showers per month—but I’m running low on cute boy stuff! Plus it’s hard to give away the really great little guy finds, because it’s so tempting to hold onto them for future baby Butler.

So the question is: Why does it seem as if baby genders come in waves? Does it have something to do with the Chinese calendar?Is it the weather or the planets or what? Or maybe it's only in my imagination; after all, you'll never see a second-grade class that's full of only boys. Obviously, both genders are being represented in hospital birthing rooms throughout the country. Thoughts, anyone?

P.S. Do you like my dress?It's a Fierce Mamas for Moody Mamas find! (I heart Christian Siriano's style.) I have it paired with Ingrid & Isabel's leggings, because mama's not wearing minis these days. I'll have a maternity fashion update coming soon, so stay tuned …