Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double

By Published On: January 9th, 2014

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double is an excellent double […]

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double is an excellent double jogging stroller that is also great as a primary stroller when expecting rough terrain, such as trips to the park or the zoo. Although a little wider than some other models, the stroller’s ease of use and superior steering and handling make it an extremely versatile option. The Summit X3 Double is also a bit more expensive than other joggers, but the features and quality are well worth the premium price point.
BabyJoggerSummitX3Double1Upon unpacking, the stroller was extremely easy to put together, as virtually all that was needed for assembly was to unfold the stroller and attach the wheels. There are no tools required at all for installation or removal of the wheels. In fact the only part that would require any tools at all is adjustment of the handbrake requiring an Allen wrench, but it seemed set to a comfortable position right from the factory.  The front wheel alignment can also be adjusted if necessary (if the stroller tends to pull to the right or left with the front wheel locked) with a simple alignment knob, which the instructions clearly explain. Once the wheels are in place, adjusting the harnesses and attaching the canopies are easy and well explained in the manual.  The canopies will adjust independently, and each contain two peekaboo windows so that the child can be seen whether the canopy is fully or only partially extended. To adjust the harness height, simply unclip the harness strap, and clip into the loop in the seat back that is closest to the shoulder height of the child. Reclining the seat backs with the Summit jogger is just as simple. There is a pinch clip on the back of each seat that slides along a strap, adjusting each side individually.
The “quick fold technology” of the Summit stroller is also very easy to use. To fold the stroller make sure the bright red safety straps are unsnapped, grab the clearly labeled handles toward the back of the seat bottom, and pull to fold. There is a Velcro storage strap that is certainly adequate to keep from unfolding inadvertently, but one might expect an easier to engage clip or mechanism with all of the other premium features of this jogger. Once folded, the Summit is still fairly large, and while fitting easily in the back of a decent sized SUV, it may be a bit tight in the trunk of a smaller car along with any other gear. At 36 pounds, it can be a little cumbersome to carry around while folded as well, but again, this is certainly typical of a double jogging stroller.
BabyJoggerSummitX3Double2Actually using this stroller is fantastic. The large, pneumatic tires and independent suspension on all three wheels make handling the stroller almost effortless, and the ride seems to be much more comfortable for the children than some other joggers we’ve use.
One of the nicest, if simplest, features of the Summit stroller is the front wheel lock mechanism. Like many joggers, the front wheel can swivel freely for easy maneuverability, or can be locked in place for jogging or running (or when loading/unloading a child). Unlike most others, the wheel can be locked an locked by a lever at the rear of the stroller within easy reach of the handle as opposed to crouching down and feeling around the front wheel to engage. The lever also has a squeeze lock that is easy to operate but should make accidentally flipping the lock impossible. (Of note, the valve stem on the front wheel is bent outward for ease of access when adding air to the tires; this is not damage as it may initially appear.)
The brakes on the stroller are also excellent. The band brakes (visible with the wheel removed) apply nice, even pressure, creating substantial stopping power without being so grabby that there is fear of losing control of the stroller. Even on slicker surfaces, such as with a couple of inches of snow on the ground, the brakes performed quite well. Having the brakes apply only to the rear wheels really improved the ability to maintain control while stopping on slippery terrain (although a light touch on the brake lever was definitely in order). The parking brake is also easily reachable on the rear axle with a foot.
The height of the handle surprisingly seemed comfortable for both taller (6’3”) and shorter (5’3”) users; apparently the handle is designed to not require a height adjustment for different users, which is baffling to me but seems to be executed successfully.
The specifications from Baby Jogger’s website (as well as in the manual) state that the stroller is intended for ages birth to 5, although they are careful to state that you should not run/jog with a child younger than 6 months. The weight capacity of the Summit (double) is 114 pounds, including 50 pounds. in each seat, 2 pounds in each seat back pocket, and 10 pounds in the lower basket. The stroller is 32.5” wide, meaning it may not fit through some smaller exterior as well as many interior doors, although this also seems fairly typical for a double jogger. The seat fabric can be removed and machine washed which is great, the instructions advise to simply reattach the seat to the frame while still wet to minimize any shrinking.
The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is an excellent, roadworthy jogging stroller. The premium features do come with a premium price point, but the stroller definitely seems to be made to last many miles. This is definitely a fantastic option for those looking for a dependable, versatile stroller that will perform just as well trekking through the park as running on a 5k course.
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