Baby Jogger POD

By Published On: August 11th, 2011

My first impression of the Baby Jogger POD was, “Wow. […]

My first impression of the Baby Jogger POD was, “Wow. That’s a lot of boxes.”
The POD itself comes in a fairly large box, and each accessory arrived separately. It was overwhelming and the instructions were not substantial. But the reason for their simplicity is because, well, it’s really simple to assemble. I unfolded the POD, slapped on some wheels, and chose which accessory matched my needs for the day (bike trailer). Switching from bike trailer to stroller to jogger was simple, once everything was out of the box.
Model_81929_LargeI can’t say enough about the smoothness of the ride. Despite the fact that on my first outing, I was toting 100 pounds of POD and offspring, I felt like I was barely pulling anything. We headed to our neighborhood 4th of July bike parade in style, with my 1 year old daughter and 4 year old son in tow. This is where things got a little sticky, as the foot well isn’t terribly deep (this has been updated for the current model). The harnesses are easy to use, as one simply slips over the head of the child and buckles to a strap between their legs, but they don’t offer a heap of protection and support for younger children. My 1 year old tends to slump to the side, which is a common problem with side-by-side seating. Conversely, my 4 year old had to squish himself in, but rode comfortably.
While inside, the kids rode happily. There are lots of pockets to hold snacks, sippy cups and treasures found along the way. And, when our parade was cancelled due to a whopper of a thunderstorm, they stayed safe and dry on our terrifying ride home which I made with impressive speed, given the weight of my cargo.
As a stroller, the POD would not be my first choice because of its width. This was the main reason I chose a front-to-back double stroller. The POD offers great protection from the elements, as children can be completely covered either by a net or plastic screen. It zips closed, so that they can’t escape while you’re on the move. To its credit, the mechanics of the stroller are simple and easy moving. Nothing was jerky or clunky. It’s a very well designed piece of equipment.
I am not a jogger, and not even the bike POD could convince me to try running in public. However, I appreciate that it has a hand brake, which my other stroller does not. For downhill walks, with 100 pounds pulling me, it would be a necessity for everyone’s safety.
Given the diversity of the POD, I recommend it for parents who are looking for a bike trailer that will carry more than one child and can serve other functions, as well. If you’re a hard-core biker, beware of the width, as it can’t clear sharp turns or narrow paths well. As a newbie to bike trailers, I am very pleased. It was simple to assemble and attach to my bike, smooth to pull and enjoyable for my children. It has made outings with the younger kids really enjoyable and I’m getting more exercise now than I have in the last three years. This would make a great addition to your family’s means of getting around. (Just try to avoid any thunderstorms.)
Price: $499 for chassis (stroller kit $80, jogging kit $60, bike kit $40)
To buy: Coming soon—check out for more details