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Twins? Two kids under 5-years-old? Just want to walk around […]

Twins? Two kids under 5-years-old? Just want to walk around with an extra seat to keep your options open? This might be the stroller for you.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double offers an easy ride, practical standard features and best of all, room for your little ones to enjoy any outing, side-by-side. Is it a looker? It’s understated and attractive—just my style. We have the teal/gray combination, but it also comes in crimson/gray and black/black.

Straight out of the box, I was delighted to see the stroller mostly assembled. All I had to do was fasten the safety straps (four snaps), pop on the wheels (four clicks) and attach the canopies (two clicks). I did the math… and 4 snaps + 6 clicks = Awesome. The manual was straightforward and easy to understand, which will save you time and sanity. (I have experienced a special kind of misery trying to decipher the arrows, poor descriptions and vague imagery of other instruction manuals.)

Will it hold a baby? Of course! The real question I had was will it hold my tall toddler comfortably? The answer is yes. I adjusted the shoulder strap height, let her pick a side and she hopped in on her own, ready to roll. One note about the strap adjustment: It’s hard to maneuver well in the tight space between the seat back and the support board to push the strap stoppers out of the slots.

The seats themselves adjust easily with a cord, and I love that there is a mesh screen to let in the breeze. There’s also a weather cover for the screen that blocks the wind on colder days. The full-size canopies have two peek-a-boo windows, which is convenient. I’m so happy the seats are machine washable because, well, have you ever tried to spot clean yogurt or peanut butter bedazzled with glitter? There is zero fun involved.

city-mini-gt-double-wheelsOn the road, the GT Double rides well. The all-terrain wheels will take you through town, from parks to shops to museums. They can be set as swivel or stationary with one click. Stationary wheels aside, this stroller is not a jogging stroller. Coincidentally, I am not a jogging mother, so it works out in my case. I am a fast walker, though, and this stroller did not break my stride. The basket under the seats is roomy which is a plus because hanging anything from the (comfy and adjustable) handlebar is not recommended and may compromise the balance and safety of the stroller.

So is the stroller wide? Yes. This is not built for quirky corners, nifty nooks or enchanted entrances into small places. Your best bet for those occasions is probably a carrier anyway. I had no problem getting through doorways or around corners. The fit was tight at times, but we got through. Plus, the steering on this stroller is top notch. A cup holder is not included, but there are plenty of handy accessories available separately if you’re into tricking out your baby gear.

Folding the stroller took some practice. There are two straps you pull to close and fold the stroller in one step. And by pull, I mean flex your muscles and show those straps who’s boss. Once you do that, the safety latch is supposed to engage. Mine did not until (big tip coming, pay attention) I put the wheels on the swivel setting. Turns out they were in the way. (That was a pun.) After a few tries, I was able to fold and close with a reassuring safety latch click. Yay!


The stroller folds in half and stores quite compactly for a double. It should fit in most closets. We keep ours tucked away behind the door to the driveway for easy access. Lifting this double-wide takes some effort (or perhaps a little help if you’re expecting or recovering from a C-section).

Would I recommend the City Mini GT Double? Yes. It has good standard features, provides a smooth ride and covers all the bases. I give it a thumbs-up.

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