Baby Jogger City Mini GT

By Published On: July 1st, 2012

Written by: Rachel June 30 2012 When I found out […]

Written by: Rachel

When I found out I was pregnant, I was immediately obsessed with finding a stroller that was easy to maneuver around parks or the mall, that would fit easily in my car, and that would not require sweat, tears and a generous amount of elbow grease to fold. Baby Jogger’s City Mini GT, as it turns out, fit the bill perfectly.

This being my first stroller, I was unsure what to expect in terms of assembly. I was delighted to find that the instructions were very specific and included clear pictures to assist me through each step. Once assembled the City Mini is a very sharp-looking stroller.

This “souped-up” version of the popular City Mini offers a slightly more spacious ride than its sister stroller, as well as a higher weight limit (65 pounds), foam-filled tires, a height-adjustable handlebar, and extra undercarriage storage that’s plenty roomy enough to accommodate a diaper bag or a purse. If the basket is in your way during an outing, it can be detached by simply unsnapping the fabric. The seat is comfortable and secure. It can easily be reclined to your passenger’s desired comfort level—it even lies nearly flat for snoozing babes! When fully or partially reclined, you can utilize the weather cover to keep baby dry in wet conditions. There is plenty of room for growth, and we intend to use this stroller through the first several years of our son’s life as well as for any future children.

The City Mini GT folds up without difficulty. Like all Baby Jogger strollers, you simply grab the “Pull to Fold” strap to collapse the GT with ease. No pushes or tugs required. I was also pleased at how easy the folded stroller is to store. It fits in the trunk of my husband’s Jetta and can be squeezed into a closet with no trouble.

Some other great features of this stroller are the locking function on the front wheel, allowing it to swivel or stay straight, and the parking brake, which is engaged by a hand lever rather than a pedal. (So smart.) As with most strollers, the GT has a canopy, though this one seems to provide more coverage than most. The canopy extends to two settings and has two windows at the top that allow you to peek in at your baby, which can also be covered to keep the sunlight out.

The seat can also be removed for cleaning. The care instructions state that you can wash it in the washing machine, though I have not done this yet.

Overall, we are extremely happy with our choice in stroller. It meets all of our needs and can easily function as our only stroller. Before our baby was born, my husband and I babymooned at Disney World and were impressed to see how many families with young children were using the City Mini around the amusement parks. We’re proud to say we’re now among the ranks of them!

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