Baby Jogger City Mini Double

By Published On: January 31st, 2012

When searching for a new stroller for running errands and […]

When searching for a new stroller for running errands and other little daily jaunts, moms in a hurry might be easy to look right past the Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Double. Though made by Baby Jogger, it isn’t actually marketed as a jogging stroller, as one might at first suspect. But when looking for that perfect “everyday” stroller, it would be a shame to accidentally pass up this beauty.
Baby Jogger City Mini DoubleThis stroller takes less than five minutes to assemble and is ridiculously easy to maneuver. It unfolds from the box, the wheels snap in place, and the canopies attach with Velcro. Its seats are padded, and its appearance is attractive. Overall, the City Mini Double boasts high quality materials and sturdy construction, and appears to be extremely well made.
My 30-pound 2-year-old daughter uses the footrest to can climb in and out of stroller without tipping it over. Its seats are roomy and comfortable, and each has a 5-point harness that is easy to adjust. The seats recline back individually with a drawstring system so children riding can lie down if they choose. This system is easy to use after some initial practice, and I love that you can recline to any angle you’d like. Over the seats, both sun canopies are equipped with peekaboo windows and are large enough when fully extended to shade passengers’ legs while riding.
The City Mini Double has a handle for easy carrying, and folds flat to take up less room in the car than our previous single stroller. It once fit into the trunk of our Toyota Camry with shopping bags, golf clubs and several moving boxes! By pulling up on the straps located on the stroller’s seats, it folds in half easily and is lightweight to move from vehicle to vehicle. The pull-to-fold handles lie flat when not in use and aren’t bothersome to the tot riding in the seat. Even at seven months pregnant, I have had no trouble folding, carrying and moving this stroller for daily outings.
The stroller provides children with a very smooth ride. It steers and turns extremely easily, and we have only found one doorway which couldn’t be passed through. (The width of the stroller measures 30 inches.) A cool perk of this stroller is that I can take it to the grocery store and easily maneuver it while pushing a shopping cart. It travels well through crowded shopping malls with tight displays too. While holding children of different weights, it steers easily and if one child is riding in it alone, weight distribution is not a problem nor is maneuverability affected. The foot brake is easy to use and effective, and the handlebar has a nice rubber grip. While it isn’t adjustable, the handlebar is set at a nice height for my husband (6’0”) and for me (5’7”).
The only downside to this stroller is its lack of easily accessible storage. Two mesh pockets on the back of the seats are a nice touch, but are deep for digging small things out of (and are also hard to get to if the seats are reclined). The stroller has a roomy compartment underneath the seats for cargo, but larger diaper bags are a hassle to get in and out of it. When this area is needed, I find myself packing smaller bags of essentials to toss down there from the sides. Other storage essentials for our family include cup holders for drinks and small compartments for keys and phones. Baby Jogger does manufacture accessories for this model including a parent console, a belly bar, and a snack tray. However, they are sold separately and their prices can really add up after the initial stroller purchase. One accessory that parents may not mind paying extra for, however, is the infant car seat adapter, which is compatible with most Graco, Chicco, Peg-Perego, Britax, Maxi-Cosi and Evenflo infant seats. Only one car seat can be attached at a time, so this is best suited for families with siblings of different ages (such as an infant and toddler).
Every stroller has its pros and cons, but overall, when comparing the Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Double with others on the market, its quality, performance, and ease of use have been unbeatable. While pricier than some models, I’d suggest it’s worth every penny for a stroller I love using often, and don’t mind carting from outing to outing. If you are in the market for an everyday double stroller, don’t pass this one by!
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