Baby Jogger City Go Infant Car Seat

By Published On: August 26th, 2016

Upon taking the Baby Jogger City Go out of its […]

Upon taking the Baby Jogger City Go out of its box, I first noticed the material. To me, it resembled the look and feel of a high-quality life jacket, which in my mind translates to “easy to clean” should spills or accidents happen. And, let’s face it, they will.

The head rest and body support look comfortable and perfectly snug for a newborn. The canopy fits nicely. It was a little difficult for me to get it up the first time, but once I did, it slid back and forth easily. The canopy offers UV50+ protection from the sun whether you’re in the car or strolling around town (the seat fits any Baby Jogger stroller with adapters that are sold separately). I don’t have a need to adjust the head support heigh at the moment, as my little one is still teeny tiny, but it went up and down without any trouble.

My only complaint about the appearance is the giant warning signs sewn into the head rest, they take away from the sleek look of the car seat—but safety is more important. The weight of the car seat is comparable to most that I’ve lifted. To be honest, I’ve never found one I would consider lightweight.


Now let’s talk about installing the base into my car. I was a little intimidated just glancing at the pictures in the manual, but they were helpful when it came time to actually do the work. (Confession: I did not know what a LATCH system was, but I’m glad that my car has one!) The LATCH connector that is attached to the base was a little hard to get apart from the car seat, but once I had it, it connected very easily to the LATCH system in my car. I prefer using the LATCH system versus a seat belt because it seems more secure to me. However, the lap/shoulder installation (yes, I tried it both ways) was not difficult to master either. The car seat clicks into the base incredibly easily and can be removed with one hand. (Score!) My car has very deep seats, so the ability to adjust the height with one hand is very nice.


One nice perk for city-dwelling mamas: The car seat has a built-in taxi-safe belt path that makes it quick and easy to secure in a cab without toting around the car seat base. How cool is that? Just thread the seat belt around the front of the car seat. This feature is great for travel, too, such as when you’re flying and renting a car.

Overall, I really liked how easy this car seat was to install—and it’s sleek look. I’d highly recommend it!

Price: $230

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