Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer

By Published On: August 28th, 2014

While I typically stay as far as possible from primary […]

While I typically stay as far as possible from primary colored, plastic molded, electronic baby gear, the Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer caught my eye (perhaps at first that was a negative feeling, ha), and I haven’t looked back. Baby Einstein has been honing in on what nurtures and engages babies for more than 15 years. (Read: They have some experience under their belts.) And even though I fully believe the naturally colored, simplistic, wooden toys I have stimulate my children and engage their senses and creativity, a quick test drive with our 6-month-old had me questioning what had turned me off of noise-making, colorful toys in the first place. Our little peanut was in heaven! So many new toys all within her reach that she could play with while standing.
Rhythm of the Reef 1But first, let’s rewind. Assembly was a cinch. Most pieces clicked together, and those that didn’t were pretty self-explanatory (though I did check the instructions on various occasion just to be on the safe side). Once we installed batteries where necessary, the different toy stations clicked, clicked, clicked. The seat cover slid in with ease. The seat popped right into place. Our peanut plopped right in.
Rhythm of the Reef 4She explored the stations one at a time, figuring them out as she went along. It engaged her listening skills, her sight, her fine and gross motor skills. She could spin and grab and pull and chew. She figured out what she needed to do to make music and clicks and whirls. The toys gave her enough variety to keep her occupied for nearly 30 minutes. You guys, this was groundbreaking!
Rhythm of the Reef 3Over the next weeks, we showed our new activity saucer lots of love, using it often as a change of scenery for Peanut and a means of entertainment during laundry time. It’s so lightweight and rather narrow compared to some more bulky saucers, we were able to move it with us all over the house with our babe in one arm and it in the other. We loved it so much, we even shared snacks and spit up with it. It was so easy to pop pieces out or remove the seat cover for cleaning! Pop, slid, pop. Click, click, click. It made sanitizing much less of a hassle! Though not the most aesthetically pleasing option for a simplistic wooden toy lover as myself, I would recommend the Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer to anyone interested in an easy for you, fun for your babe activity! It’s a total breeze to assemble, super budget-friendly and, perhaps most importantly, a real winner with our little lady.
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