Delight Snuggle Nest Cushi Baby Bather

By Published On: January 1st, 2017

We recently welcomed our third baby into our family, and […]


The cushioned, comfortable bather for your little one


Mother and baby using the Cushi Bather


Mother and baby using the bather in the sink


Showing the size of the bather as hanging from a shower head, and how easy it is to clean

We recently welcomed our third baby into our family, and since much of the gear we’re using has been handed down from sister to brother to brother, we were thrilled to get to try out something brand-spankin’-new: the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Cushi Bather.
The manual is straightforward and to-the-point—in a good way! There are photos that are very clear, and the simple instructions for assembly allowed us to have everything ready to go in only a few minutes. There were no tools required, and the “click” system made it a cinch to know when you’d successfully put the pieces in place.
The only downfall with the instructions is that they does not say anywhere that, once assembled, the baby bather can be folded up for storage or travel. It wasn’t until I read online about its ability to fold in a compact way that I realized it offered this fantastic feature! I immediately located the right spots to fold the baby bather and saw firsthand how easy it would be to store under a sink or in a small closet—a huge perk for those of us who are short on space (which I’m pretty sure is all of us).
The product itself is nice and sturdy. The plastic seems like something that will last and not be easily broken. The cushion is incredibly plush in soothing tones of gray and blue. It has the look of a chair that would be ultra comfortable for a baby to lounge in. The product seems quite safe, and although there aren’t straps for the baby, I never felt concerned that my baby was going to slide from side to side or fall off. The baby bather is able to sit at the bottom of the tub or even be used in the kitchen sink. It’s quick to set up it and then remove again and hang to dry when bathtime is over.
One thing to note is that the design of the baby bather chair does not allow baby to be immersed in water. You can pour water from above, or, as you clean your child, it will pool up in the seat, but your baby’s lower back, bum and legs will generally rest above any water at the bottom of the tub or sink. (This could be a positive or negative, depending on whether your little one loves or hates being wet.)
The bather is incredible easy to maintain. The plastic can be  wiped down with disinfectant, and the cushion has Velcro to keep everything in place. It can be opened up for drying after use, or the plush padding can be tossed in the washing machine. (Score!)
Overall, the bather has good versatility for young infants who are not yet sitting up or actively trying to move around. At $30, it seems well-priced for a solid tub.
Price: $30
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