Baby Delight Snuggle Nest

By Published On: October 1st, 2011

As a new mom recovering from a C-section, I needed […]

As a new mom recovering from a C-section, I needed something that would be handy to have with me in our bed for changing and napping. The Baby Delight Snuggle Nest was a dream come true in those early days and has expanded to be our perfect traveling companion.
baby delightCheck out the features that make this Snuggle Nest handy for newborns:

  • Works for ages 0-4 months
  • Folds up into a compact and neat carrier
  • Comes with an LED nightlight and two soothing sound options
  • A new breathable lining to keep baby cool at night
  • Breathable side air vents
  • 4 levels of comfort: soft sheet, breathable mesh, waterproof vinyl and a foam cushion
  • Lightweight and easy for travel

The Snuggle Nest was easy to assemble and just takes two AA batteries that were not included. They work the nightlight and the sound options. I found this bed to be very aesthetically pleasing and perfect for either a boy or a girl. The material can be washed easily and small stains can be removed with soap and water. When putting baby down for his nap, you can use either of the two sound options, Brahm’s Lullaby or the Womb Sound. (My son definitely prefers the Womb Sound!) Once baby is asleep, you can use the nightlight to check on him. I like that the sides prevent my husband from rolling over on the baby during the night. I also love that we can take the bed with us when we go over to stay with our parents. My son finds the bed comforting wherever we are. He keeps the same sleep schedule whether in our bed, in his play yard, on the couch or at other family member’s houses. There is no way to replace that sense of security. The bed can be used up to 4 months, but our little guy is growing so fast that we might not make it. That means, the sooner you can get this product, the better.
We use this baby bed every night at home and we take it with us when we travel too. It zips up so compactly! Baby sleeps just as well when we’re on the road as he does at home, since his sleep space is consistent. I definitely recommend it for new parents.
Price: $50
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