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Gone are the days of leaving Graham contentedly playing on […]

image1Gone are the days of leaving Graham contentedly playing on the floor and knowing he’ll be in the same spot when I return. Even though he’s not crawling yet, our little one has discovered how to get around, and he likes to move it, move it. At 7 1/2 months old, he’s rolling and scooting, rocking on all fours and creeping backwards.
If he spies a favorite toy that’s out of reach, he will figure out a way to get to it. He has also figured out how to go from lying on his belly to sitting up, which we’re both happy about because he no longer has to cry out in frustration for me to come help him. He’s into everything, nosy little thing. Every sound and every move we make, he wants to be in the middle of the action.
Graham’s also trying his best to stand up, grabbing onto furniture and pulling himself up to his knees, leaning forward on toys and trying to push up—I’ve had to save him many times from toppling over. His naïve little self has no fear, trying to lean over the edge of the dresser as I change his diaper or trying to stand with no thought as to how he’d get back down. He requires an extra watchful eye these days, which is hectic, but so much fun.
image2We had my husband’s side of the family over to our home for a meal this weekend. Graham seemed to enjoy being a part of the family meal and eating the same food we were having at his highchair, which was pulled up to the table with everyone.
After we ate, Graham’s little cousins were running wild around the house, building forts and playing hide-and-seek. It’s funny how being a mama has changed me. In the past, I worried so much about things getting messy or broken when we had the kids over; the playful chaos stressed me out. This time, I really enjoyed seeing them having so much fun. Having a child of my own has made me appreciate how precious children are—I thought they were cute before, but now I have a new comprehension of how these innocent little people, blank canvases full of spirit, are precious beyond words.
Graham loved watching the kids play too. He was “talking” to the kids and bouncing up and down in excitement as he watched the action. Everyone kept saying, “Just wait till next year; he’ll be up running around with them!” Oh, I felt my heart squeeze a little harder hearing that. These baby days will be gone all too quickly. I’m excited for all the milestones to come, but every day I look at my sweet cuddly boy and know he’ll never be this little again …

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