Warming baby’s bottle

By Published On: March 1st, 2011

babybottle2Heat water in a pot on the stove, removing the pot from the burner once the water is hot (but before it’s boiling). Rest the bottle in the water until the milk is lukewarm or room temperature. You can also run the bottle under hot water from the faucet. Before feeding baby, test the milk temperature on the inside of your wrist, where your skin is thin and most sensitive to heat.
Smart advice: Never warm baby’s bottle in the microwave! Doing so can cause the milk to heat unevenly and create hot pockets. It can also break down important nutrients before baby has the chance to benefit from them.
Cheat sheet: Opt for a bottle warmer! All you have to do is stick the bottle in and push a button, and a few minutes later you’ll be ready for launch (or lunch, as the case may be).
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