Baby brain

By Published On: January 22nd, 2014

Before I became a preggo, I remember hearing people talk […]

Baby BrainBefore I became a preggo, I remember hearing people talk about it. They explained “baby brain” to me as a forgetful affliction that only affected mommies and mommies-to-be. At the time, being a mom of only furry, big nosed kids with large floppy ears, I had no idea what they were talking about. (Honestly, I don’t even know who THEY are—I guess I forgot.) Now that I am a mommy, I can no longer make excuses.
Sure, there have been the little things like not remembering why I am standing in the kitchen, or the fact that I have lost my keys somewhere in the house and CANNOT FIND THEM ANYWHERE. I’ve tried to hide it (along with my keys apparently) but I’m afraid it’s just too obvious. Like my waist-line, it’s simply gone. I am an Official Mom. My Mommy Brain can no longer remember celebrities’ names.
“Honey, what’s the name of that guy that was in that movie with that kid where they did that thing?”
“You mean Geoffrey Rush.”
Maybe my lack of name recognition is due to some sort of subtle hormonal shift that happened after I had my baby? Is there a supplement I can take to help? A pre/post-natal vitamin? Perhaps celebrity name knowledge is being pumped out of me along with my breast milk and all  feeling in my nipples?
“Honey, who was the pretty girl in the movie with that British guy?”
“Geoffrey Rush.”
I suppose I am strong enough to admit that over the last several years my movie star naming ability has been slipping. It’s taking me longer and longer to remember things like that the guy in Step Up is named Channing Tatum and not The Kid With The Muscles Who Can Dance. Now, with the baby, and the hormones, and the lack of sleep killing my brain cells (I almost took my bath towel INTO the shower with me yesterday), I’m afraid I may never make it back.
My new Mommy Brain sans names may just be a new part of my daily life, like 3-second showers and sterilizing nipples (bottles not my own). It is definitely going to take some getting used to. However, I am not without hope. I would like to believe that with a little work and more TMZ watching I can once again get back into pre-baby name retention shape. It just may take a little time.
“Honey, what’s the name of that super cute kid who crawls around and doesn’t sleep?
“Our son.”