Baby Be Mine Maternity Nursing Set

By Published On: March 14th, 2012

Written by: Rachel March 13 2012 After the birth of […]

Written by: Rachel

After the birth of my first two kids, Iremember one of my very favorite articles of clothing being my nighttime nursing bra. It was essentially just stretchy cotton that lay one side over the other on my chest and it was the easiest, most comfortable thing to wear when pulling out a baby-feeding breast or two in the wee hours. (Slash all day, because I wore them 24/7.) So when Isaw the design of Baby Be Mine Maternity's Nursing Set, Iknew simply by sight that I would love it. It has the same nursing friendly design that works well for day and night with minimal fuss on mama's part.

And when Itouched the fabric of the set for the first time, I was sold. It is incredibly soft—just the kind of feel you want to have on your skin after a labor and delivery marathon (or pre-baby, when everything is swollen and itchy). But the material is that perfect blend of soft and stretchy that maintains its shape. For moms who wear their set during pregnancy, this is a huge plus, since, well, you're huge. Clothes stretching happens!

The set is comfy enough to be worn as pjs or just lounging around, but Itotally wore both the pants and the shirt out and about around town—the shirt is flattering and perfect on its own or even under a blazer with some earrings for flair. (Admittedly, my definition of flair gets toned down postbaby!)

When nursing, you simply move one side of the top over and voila:mealtime for baby. This is absolutely my favorite kind of top for breastfeeding—it's the simplest and fastest access you can get. And the pants are great for both pregnancy and postpartum. The waistband has plenty of give for bellies with a need for space.

If you're a frugal spender, you may think the price tag is a little hefty (though I think it's pretty reasonable), but here is what Ihave learned through the purchasing of maternity and postpartum wear through three children:quality is far superior to quantity.And a set like this will be something you'll wear multiple times in a week both before and after pregnancy ( Iwas worried it wouldn't fit my torpedo belly, but it has ample room for even a full-term baby stomach!) so you'll get more than your money's worth. It holds up through wash after wash after wash, maintains its stretch, and will be your go-to apparel for those days when you want to feel good about how you look without having to think too hard with your sleep-deprived mind. I'll be taking my set with me to the hospital for my up and around outfit postdelivery, for sure. Agreat buy for moms-to-be!