Baby Be Mine Belly Band

By Published On: December 5th, 2011

I am absolutely in love with the Baby Be Mine […]

I am absolutely in love with the Baby Be Mine Belly Band. The most exciting part is that you can wear it throughout and after your pregnancy and for several different reasons.
babybeminebellybandWhen I first found out I was expecting, I couldn’t wait to see my bump. I think I checked in the mirror each day to see just how much I was growing. I definitely didn’t need to wait long because before I knew it my shirts were shrinking and my pants were becoming difficult to button.
I found belly bands just in time to save my wardrobe. When you first begin to show, these handy bands can be used to extend your shirts or cover up pants that are unbuttoned (You know you’ve done that a time or two!) At this stage you can fold the band over the top of your pants.
Once you start to really show, you can pull the band up to cover your entire stomach. This helps you feel comfortable and protected, as well as, ensuring your belly doesn’t show when you raise your arms. I even had a prepregnancy sweater that was big enough to wear with my belly but made me feel self-conscious because the knitted material would spread apart at my bump, leaving little holes of bare skin. I put a matching belly band underneath and it was a perfect match. No one could see a thing.
Guess what the best part about the band is? You can wear it after you give birth as you’re transitioning back into your normal wardrobe. You can also use them to cover any exposed skin while breastfeeding.
Another thing that sets these bands apart is the vast array of color choices. I have one in black, taupe, denim and raspberry rose and I have found all of the colors to match perfectly to different aspects of my wardrobe. Now, the belly bands even come in adorable prints like hibiscus and flora. They are even personalized with cute wordings like “Mommy + Daddy = ME” or twin footprints.
These comfy bands are sure to enhance your wardrobe and your overall maternity experience. They feel as good as they look. Check out the sizing chart on their website to get a perfect fit. I also recommend getting the belly band packs as opposed to just one. You’ll definitely need them and use them.
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