Baby bathing tips and tricks

By Published On: September 20th, 2012

Sometimes baby baths can be awkward, challenging, or flat-out intimidating. […]

Sometimes baby baths can be awkward, challenging, or flat-out intimidating. But every Mom has been there! Sarah Granger shares some easy tips and tricks of the baby bathing trade that will add confidence to any new parent.
Mr. Squirts-a-lot
If it’s a handsome gent you’ll be bathing, watch out for the stream that bathtime often brings. Expect a tinkle from your little man when you remove his diaper (expose his bottom to the air briefly and then re-cover it to catch the wetness), and don’t be surprised if it happens again during your wash session. Both boys and girls tend to let it go while they’re relaxed in a warm bath, so be prepared for whatever nature throws your way.
FAQs about bathtime
Q. Does my baby need to take a bath every day?
A. Nope. Bathing your little one two to three times per week is all that’s necessary, although you will likely increase the number of washings the older he gets. Between bath days, be sure to clean your baby’s bottom well at diaper changes and also wipe his face, hands and chin after each feeding.
Q. My newborn’s eyes are crusty looking. How do I clean them?
A. Very gently. A damp cotton ball or cotton pad works best; softly wipe the eye area as needed to keep his peepers gunk-free.
Slippery when wet
Keep in mind that your baby will be slippery when wet, and may be a little squirmy too. Be sure to maintain a firm grip on him at all times and bathe him in a position that’s comfortable for both of you. Also make sure the temperature is right: set your water heater to 120