Baby are you down (down down down down)

By Published On: March 29th, 2012
Written by: Rachel Reiff Ellis

Last week, just before my tiny bout of doctor-prescribed bed rest, several people in one day commented to me that I had “dropped.” To which I thought, “Wha?” I mean, I kind of don’t think it’s possible. Number one—it’s not time, yo! (Dilation aside.) Secondly, there’s not really anywhere for this baby to “drop” to (short-torsoed girls unite!). And C.)Just, no.

In fact, here is photographic evidence to the contrary. (Awkward “I’m taking my own photo with my iPhone”face purposely cropped out.)

Week 28

Week 34 (this week)

Maybe I’m not far enough removed from the subject matter at hand to unbiasedly comment, but … it’s exactly the same, no? Minus the crazy climate change wardrobe shift? (Anyone else experiencing crazy weather? Holy global warming, Batman! … or something.)

When I’m pregnant, it seems like there is only one direction for things to go:out. But Iknow some women experience dropping in the last weeks. Some even really like it—it gets rid of some of that hellacious heartburn and takes the pressure off your lung area. (I mean, so I’ve heard. Word on the street, and all that.) I think small-torsoed gals may get the short end of the stick (pun intended) when it comes to breathing and digestion relief and only get more and more torpedo-y in the midsection as time goes on. Or, I don’t know—maybe some stature-impaired ladies drop it like it’s hot right along with the willowy women. There are approximately one frizillion ways pregnancy can go, after all. About as many ways as there are birthing people, I’m pretty sure. Or more.

But I’m interested to hear, especially from the women who are a little on the shorter side—did you have a stomach shift at the end or did things stay pretty much on the up and up? If you did drop, was it a relief? Or did the bladder space trade-off plus pelvic strain zero the benefits out? Did your baby come soon after you felt a change? What’s the square root of pi? Who shot JR? Coke or Pepsi?

Sorry, I got carried away. You can just answer the first couple of questions. I guess. Although I might like you a little more if you say Coke. This is Atlanta, after all.