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By Published On: March 30th, 2012
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Hello! As an editorial intern here at Pregnancy & Newborn, I’ve […]

Hello! As an editorial intern here at Pregnancy & Newborn, I’ve truly enjoying my experience and soaking up all the baby adorableness and wealth of information available. I was 15 when my little sister was born, and I remember well the many (many) wakeful nights when no soothing song or quiet story could convince her to sleep. Inspired by her night-owl tendencies, I’ve rounded up a few whimsical owl nursery additions to help whisk your restless wee one off to sleep. Soothe fussy tears with an all-natural pretty-in-pink owl teether &rattle, perfect for plenty of gumming action. Cuddle up cozy under a soft blanket and gently rock away on an adventure through the woodlands, lighting your reading with the warm glow of an owl lamp, and enjoy the soft sounds of classical lullabies together.
Here’s to a good night’s sleep!
Awake Owl Night
Awake Owl Night by pnmag
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