Ask the experts: Nursery must-have

By Published On: March 4th, 2013

I’m designing my baby’s nursery on a budget—what’s the best […]

ATE NurseryI’m designing my baby’s nursery on a budget—what’s the best item to splurge on (or as I like to put it, “invest in”)?
The one item in your nursery that you should invest in is a comfortable chair, glider or rocker. This chair will be one of the best places to create memories with your child. You will spend many hours in this chair with your baby, whether you’re bottle-feeding, breastfeeding or simply comforting your crying baby. As your baby grows older, you’ll spend time snuggling and reading bedtime stories in the chair. If you spend your cash right and invest in a chair that will grow with your child, you’ll get more mileage out of this piece of furniture by relocating it into an adult living space. Make sure to test out a chair before purchasing it, assessing it for comfort and ensuring you’ll be able to get into the right posture to breastfeed should you choose. And remember to order your chair as soon as possible to allow for manufacturing and shipping time.
—Maisie Knowles, working mother of two and co-founder of