Ask the experts: Keeping the nursery safe and clean

By Published On: October 8th, 2012

Joining us today is Nadine Girard, Marketing Director of Ubbi […]

Joining us today is Nadine Girard, Marketing Director of Ubbi and a mother of two in Brooklyn, NY to explain what today’s parent should keep in mind when creating the perfect nursery for their baby.

pail_robinseggblueThe baby’s nursery is like a nest. Birds build their nest as a shelter to protect their eggs and in the same fashion, parents work hard to make the nursery a place that will offer a snug refuge for baby; a place that will nurture complete well-being and allow baby to feel welcomed, comfortable and protected. As babies are unaware of the latest interior design trends, all they want is a warm and secure sanctuary which is simply based on two criteria: safety and cleanliness.
1. Safety
Parents today are savvier than ever before. They are well versed in all of the basic nursery safety standards such as window guards, protection from sharp and tiny objects, uncluttered cribs, covered outlets, security restraints and everything in between. However there is a need to think further. The future belongs to the next generation and therefore parents need to keep the planet in mind as they design the nursery. Here are a few ways to make every nest both safe and green:

  • Paint: Only choose environmentally friendly paint that meets and exceeds the strictest industry standards and is completely free of chemicals.
  • Flooring & Carpeting: There are several sustainable flooring options that can minimize indoor pollution and mitigate the health risks that can arise from toxic floors and carpets. A line of rapidly growing flooring and carpets made from recycled and eco-friendly materials is available on the market.
  • Furniture: Pick furniture that is made from sustainable wood, bamboo or other environmentally safe materials, i.e. from trees that have been specifically planted for the creation of wood-based furniture and that have not been exposed to chemicals that may cause any environmental damage.
  • Bedding: Organic bedding is good for the environment and good for the baby. Be sure to choose the highest-quality organic cotton certified by strict global organic textile standards.
  • Toys: Opt for toys that are made from non-toxic materials and recycled plastic. Whenever possible, parents should choose toys made from all natural or environmentally friendly materials.

2. Cleanliness
Once parents have filled their baby’s nursery with green and environmentally conscious products, it is very important to keep everything clean. To best do so, use products made from natural, sustainable plant-based ingredients that are non-toxic and free of phosphates. Today, there are a significant number of products available that are completely free of chemicals and safe for baby.
Lastly, after everything is safe and clean, it doesn’t hurt to incorporate the latest interior design trend into the mix. After all, now that the baby’s needs are taken care of, it can also be an opportunity for parents to enjoy some creativity offered by exciting modern nursery styles.