Ask the experts: Feng shui

By Published On: October 29th, 2012

To wrap-up our month on nursery design, we’re taking a […]

To wrap-up our month on nursery design, we’re taking a closer look at giving baby a zen sleeping space. To help us, we are pleased to have Pam Webber,the founder of weeDECOR, and designer of playful, personal, eco-friendly wall decals for nurseries and kids’ rooms.

owl-mural-tree-wall-decal-sticker-weedecorDecorating a Feng Shui Nursery
Practiced since ancient times, feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of promoting health, happiness, and prosperity within a living space. This is of utmost importance as the Chinese believe that the source of happiness in life originates in the home. When incorporating feng shui principles in home design, you attract tranquility to the home. And, of course, what more important place in the home should we strive to attract such tranquility than in our baby’s nursery?
The words “feng” and “shui” mean “wind” and “water”, respectively – two of the strongest elements in nature. Both wind and water “flow”. To adopt feng shui principles in your nursery design is believed to attract positive energy or as the Chinese call it, “chi”, that can easily flow into your nursery and surround your child. Room layout, decor items, and colors that are in tune with feng shui principles will lend itself to a feng shui nursery.
One of the most vital things to consider when designing your feng shui nursery is the position of your baby’s crib in her room. To ensure the positive energy flows into the room, you should not place the crib directly in front of the door or in front of a window. Not only do you not want the positive energy to flow well, but also you do not want to surprise baby when you walk in her room. Baby should feel secure. Another design principle in line with feng shui principles is to place the head of the crib against the wall to give baby full view of the room and to feel even more secure in her space.
With regard to the placement of other furniture pieces, try not to point harsh edges towards your baby’s crib. This is thought to be the equivalent of pointing harsh, negative energy towards her. Soften the edges by reorienting changing tables or dressers away from baby or by covering the edges with cloth.
Choose materials made by nature such as wood and organic cotton as often as possible when decorating your nursery. These natural elements are in tune with the natural elements of wind and water.
In feng shui decorating, it is also important to pay attention to scents. For example use no or low voc wall paint to avoid chemical smells and bring fresh air into baby’s room regularly by opening the window.
When decorating, use simple shapes that reflect nature. Trees, birds, owls, and flowers are good choices as are decor using natural materials such as wood. When using animal decor, be sure to choose friendly-looking creatures that also exude positive energy.
Keeping the room clean of clutter also serves to improve its feng shui as positive energy can flow unencumbered. No clutter helps keep the mind clear of distractions—both yours and baby’s.
Finally, pay particular attention to the colors in your baby nursery. Since the nursery is primarily a place for sleeping, choose calming and soothing colors that are of pale and muted tones—white, blues, greens, yellows, and pinks. As your child grows and the bedroom becomes a place for play as well, you can add brighter colors to inspire her creativity.
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