Ask the experts: Breastfeeding dos and don'ts

By Published On: February 3rd, 2012

This week, Sara Chana, IBCLC,birthing instructor, classical homeopath and herbalist […]

This week, Sara Chana, IBCLC,birthing instructor, classical homeopath and herbalist specializing in pregnancy, birth and pediatrics shares her dos and don’ts to help start you off on the right foot in your nursing relationship.

A caucasian newborn baby boy breastfeeding .
So, your pregnancy has finally ended and you’re ready to begin feeding your precious new baby. You’ve read tons of books and articles on breastfeeding that made perfect sense and you felt like the pro, that is, until you actually had your baby in your hands. There are so many different opinions and advice but which should you follow? First off, it is important to remember that all moms and babies are different. Babies have different shaped mouths and tongues and all moms have different shaped breasts. Also, everyone has different eating patterns. If you took a poll of your close friends you may just be surprised at the differences in their eating patterns, some need 3 meals a day, some 4 meals a day, some people can’t function without breakfast and some people cannot put a thing in their mouths until noon. The most important thing to realize that your nursing experience will be different than your mother’s and different from your friends’. The good news is that if you persist you will succeed. It may take some effort but by week 6, you and your baby will have your own unique breastfeeding style with a schedule that should work for both you and your baby. Below are a few important rules that will help insure breastfeeding success.
Make sure that your baby:

  • Nurses 8-12 times in a 24 hour period.
  • Is fed every 1-3 hours from the end of the last feed (do not count from the beginning of the feed, babies are not full until they are finished eating)
  • Makes 6-8 wet or dirty diapers.
  • Has clear urine and yellow stools.
  • Is satisfied and content after a feed.

Myths that need BUSTING:

  • Myth:Breastfeeding always hurts in the beginning! Truth: If it does hurt you need to fix your latch.
  • Myth:Your baby needs to be on a schedule. Truth: feed your baby when the baby shows hunger signs or cries.
  • Myth: You must use lanolin cream. Truth: Lanolin can make a baby’s mouth itchy, choose olive oil instead.
  • Myth: Some women have ‘fatty’ breast milk and others ‘skim’ milk. Truth: All woman’s breast milk is the same when it comes to vitamins and nutrients, but moms should eat healthy whole foods.
  • Myth: Problems will resolve themselves with time. Truth: This may be true, but if things are not going smoothly get help early. Board Certified Lactation

Consultants are great at solving problems, but call early because it is easier to fix problems before the baby develop bad habits.