Ask the experts: Breaking the news

By Published On: November 12th, 2012

When should I break the news to my employer that […]

When should I break the news to my employer that I’m expecting?

WomanAtComputerI advise my clients to notify their employer of their pregnancy as soon as they enter the second trimester or whenever they begin noticeably showing. This enables the company to have adequate time to prepare for their absence and reassign work responsibilities. However, if pregnancy-related issues arise during the first trimester that render the employee unable to work, I would advise my client to notify her employer promptly so any associated absences will be job-protected.
Another thing to consider: We’re in a corporate climate where pregnancy discrimination, though illegal, can still rear its head in underhanded ways. Ultimately, deciding the optimum time to disclose your pregnancy also requires taking into account impending promotions, bonuses and the like. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize any financial or business advancement opportunity.
—Lauren Wallenstein, human resources consultant and owner of Milk Your Benefits, a consulting business that helps expectant parents maximize their leave