Arm's Reach Mini Arc Convertible

By Published On: May 1st, 2014

The Arm’s Reach Mini Arc Convertible bedside bassinet is a […]

The Arm’s Reach Mini Arc Convertible bedside bassinet is a wonderful product that serves three different functions: a co-sleeping device, bassinet, and play yard.
First, the Mini Arc can function as a co-sleeping device, which allows parents to sleep comfortably and safely next to their baby within an arm’s reach. The co-sleeping device easily attaches to the bed, which allows mothers to reach over to care for their baby and easily provide nighttime feedings.
Second, the Mini Arc Convertible also functions as a freestanding bassinet. I’ve found this function to be the most useful in my home. The compact size of the bassinet fit perfectly into our bedroom right next to our bed allowing our baby to be close to us during the night. As a first time mom, having my baby close and being able to see and hear my baby in the night gave me such peace of mind. The size of the bassinet allowed us to move it to different rooms within our home in order to be in close proximity to our baby at all times.
Finally, the Mini Arc Convertible also serves as a play yard. This function will be useful as my baby grows. Again, the portability of the play yard will allow me to easily move it to different areas of my home in order to be close to my baby. I will be able to use the Mini Arc as a play yard for a long time as it can be used until your child can climb out or is more than 35 inches tall.
After looking through the directions, the Mini Arc was fairly easy to assemble. The directions were useful and the clear illustrations ensured me that I was putting the product together correctly. Assembly of the product didn’t require any tools, and I was able to put it together on my own after reading the directions without the assistance of my husband!
I was pleased with the overall size of the product because it fits nicely into many rooms within our home without taking too much space. This is a huge benefit considering that our house is now full of so many items for our baby! The easy assembly and size of the product also allows you to conveniently travel to grandparents and friend’s homes while still providing your little one with the comforts of home. The Mini Arc Convertible easily folds up and fits into a carrying case with a strap for travel and convenient storage. Although it is a bit heavy to carry and travel with in the carrying case, it would be good to take along on longer trips away.
The natural color of the Mini Arc Convertible worked perfectly with the décor of our home. I was also surprised to find that the Mini Arc Convertible came with everything I needed including a sheet, mattress, and a removable and washable fabric liner!
My baby seems very comfortable in the Mini Arc Convertible bassinet. Overall, I would recommend the Mini Arc Convertible to other moms who are looking for a product that allows them to sleep safely and comfortably with their baby within an arm’s reach.
Price: $200
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