Arm's Reach Co-Sleeping Portable Pet Bunk

By Published On: September 30th, 2010

Written by: Katherine September 30 2010 If you had a […]

Written by: Katherine

If you had a furry baby before welcoming your flesh-and-blood bundler of joy, Arm’s Reach has you covered with their doggyco-sleeping portable pet bunk. It is awesome! It makes my sweet Labrador feel like a princess.

The bed was very easy to set up and involved no tools at all. It’s very convenient to move from room to room, and my dog enjoys lying in it because it gives her a new perspective since she is elevated off the floor by two feet. The railed sides are padded with a soft, fluffy leopard material that is comfortable for her to rest her head on.

The best part of this doggy co-sleeping unit is that it allows me to keep my bed clean and dog-hair free, and there’s so much more room without a 65-pound dog taking up all the bed space. I’ve even moved the bed to the back deck, where my dog enjoys resting in comfort while being outdoors and off the ground!Thanks Arm’s Reach: This product is a great innovation for dog lovers!

Price: $210 for regular; $270 for large