Aqua Scale

By Published On: February 27th, 2012

We were super excited to get try out the Aqua […]

We were super excited to get try out the Aqua Scale, the first-ever 3-in-1 digital baby scale, tub and water thermometer. In particular, we were looking forward to the ability to accurately measure our baby’s weight. I’m sure we’re not the only parents out there who have tried other methods of weighing baby, such weighing yourself solo then weighing yourself holding the baby and subtracting the difference. If you’ve done this (you know you have!), you’ll agree it doesn’t seem to be very accurate, which of course defeats the point of the entire process. As parents, we want to make sure our babies are growing, so consistently precise measurement is key.
Aqua Scale 1Thankfully, the Aqua Scale is here to save the day! The scale can be used just about straight out of the box—you just have to pop in a couple batteries and it’s ready to go. With just a few buttons to switch between pounds and kilograms, Celsius and Fahrenheit, and to zero out the weight, it is simple to figure out and use.
The Aqua Scale can weigh baby with or without water, so it’s possible to track his growth even outside of bathtime. When it is filled, however, the tub also monitors the temperature of the water, which is something I had been concerned about previously. I never really felt confident in knowing how warm the water was (or should be) just by feeling it with my hand—if my hand was warm or cold to begin with, I felt like it really changed my perspective—so this was a capability I was really psyched about.
Another feature of the Aqua Scale is an ergonomic, anti-slip design that prevents baby from sliding down too far and provides support for those little arms and legs. The tub designed for use from birth through 24 months so we’re looking forward to using it to track our newborn’s growth from infant to toddler over the next couple years.
Psst! You can check out a demonstration of the tub here.
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