Aprica Moto

By Published On: November 24th, 2011

Aprica’s Moto lightweight travel system offers great looks and a […]

Aprica’s Moto lightweight travel system offers great looks and a comfortable ride for little ones. I’d like to talk about each component of the travel system (the stroller and the A30 Infant Car Seat) separately, in addition to how they function together.
Aprica MotoNo tools were required when assembling any part of the travel system. Although the stroller took about an hour to assemble (due to fat finger issues … and some of the terminology required us to read and re-read directions), the manual did provide useful information, especially in regards to what not to do when folding. Once assembled and fully operational, the extra large canopy provides great protection from even the hottest sun and the ventilated seat back is an added bonus. Once collapsed (with one hand!), the stroller fits very conveniently into the back of an SUV or even a small coupe. Another great characteristic of the stroller is its ability to stand alone when folded without being propped up against anything. At under 20 pounds for the stroller alone, the weight makes it easy to transport and lift in and out of the car or carry to and from the house. The child’s tray is fantastic for its ability to be easily moved out of the way with one hand while holding the baby with the other. Plus, it includes a cup holder and is even designed to hold an iPhone for easy viewing and entertainment on the go. Now that is what I call thinking of everything. The extra large storage bin comes in super handy, especially for first-time parents who tend pack a little more than necessary (read: us). And we love the parent cup holder (aka caffeine holder) near the handlebar.
We found that while the stroller is very comfortable for a calm walk, picking up the pace for a jog is not recommendable—even when the front swivel wheels are locked in the forward position. It does handle nicely when taking walks over uneven pavement or across gravel though. The rear brake is easily engaged and disengaged with one foot and, when using the stroller sans infant car seat, the stroller reclines extremely easily and allows a sleepy passenger to lie completely flat. My husband and I are particularly fond of the adjustable handlebar. I’m only 5’ 5” but my husband is 6’ 3” (and often kicked the back of the stroller on other travel systems we tried out at the stores), so we’re happy we can re-position the handlebar to accommodate the pusher of the moment. The stroller seat cover is only to be wiped clean with a mild soap (we found that out the hard way!), though the car seat cover is machine washable and line dry. According to the manual, the capacity for the stroller is 50 pounds or 45 inches.
The A30 Infant Car Seat is our favorite part of the travel system. It’s built with SnugRide technology including side-impact protection. The seat seems to be very comfortable since our baby oftentimes falls asleep shortly after being placed in it. It allows for adjustment for bigger babies which is the case for our baby but a removable head support is included for smaller children. Adjusting the straps takes some time and effort, but we love the click-in system of the base into the car that gave us comfort the seat was in the proper position and safe for a long journey. The base is easy to install via the LATCH system and its level indicator provides and added element of safety. Additional bases (so you can have one for each parent’s car) are available for $50. We placed the seat in a small SUV and, once installed and checked by a certified safety inspector, there wasn’t much legroom for the person in front when placed in the rear-facing position. Even though our baby is a larger baby, the car seat isn’t too cumbersome or heavy to carry from the house to the car. And thanks to its weight requirements spanning from 4 to 30 pounds, we like that we’ll be able to use this seat for a long time.
As far as attaching the car seat to the stroller for use as a travel system goes, I did get a little frustrated when attaching the infant seat to the stroller because the latches’ elastic strength does not allow for much stretching. In fact the latches were so tight, I called for backup to stretch the latches enough to safely attach the seat. However, the convenience of being able to leave our baby in the car seat while stroller is really awesome and makes running errands infinitely easier.
Overall, even though there were a few struggles with the manual’s terminology during assembly, our original impressions of a safe, comfortable seat were confirmed through use.
Price: $300
To buy: babiesrus.com