App happy: Our favorites from 2015

By Published On: December 1st, 2015

Looking for pregnancy advice, support or even just a cute way […]

Looking for pregnancy advice, support or even just a cute way to track baby’s milestones? There’s an app for that … and for nearly anything else you can think of, too! Here are some of our favorites.
life-in-womb-logoLife in the Womb
If you want to know more than just what kind of fruit your baby-to-be sizes up with, download this interactive app. Its stunning 3-D imagery and comprehensive fetal development details will have the science nerd in you totally geeking out. $5 for iOS
Need a beat to match your feet? Try marching along to the mixes in this swift app. Whether you’re a 5K fiend or simply enjoy the occasional jog, you’ll find plenty of playlists to match your tempo, race time or even heartbeat. Ready, set, rock out—all the way to the finish line. Free for iOS and Android
Attention, Instagram enthusiasts: It’s high time those square memories make it off your phone and into an album—and this easy app is here to make it happen. With every 60 posts, a bound 6”x6” photo book is automatically printed and shipped directly to your doorstep thanks to the slick subscription system. Plus, there’s an option to include your original captions, which essentially means you never have to scrapbook again. Free for iOS and Android, $6 per volume,
Wary of sharing the details of your wee one’s days on social media for all the world to see? Tinybeans gives you a place to save—and selectively share—your mini’s milestones. Fill the pre-organized calendar with all the things you don’t want to forget (including videos, photos and notes) and enjoy complete control over who sees what. Think of it as a digital baby book that only your family and friends can read. Free for iOS and Android
sprout-baby-app-iconSprout Baby
There might be toys scattered around the house and cereal smashed into the floorboards of your car, but there’s one place you can keep everything organized: your smartphone. Thanks to this handy all-in-one app, you can capture milestone moments, track everything from poops to pump sessions, store medical records and note checkup appointments. The icing on the cake? “Share” mode keeps you and your honey (or even the nanny) in the loop all the time. $5 for iOS
Pregnancy2app-LOGOPregnancy +
Get a daily rundown of how your body and your babe are changing, thanks to this interactive app. Behind its user-friendly design, you’ll uncover heaps of helpful details and useful tools—like an appointment log, kick counter, contraction timer and more. Try the free version up to your 15th week, then pay $4 to upgrade to the full 42 weeks! Free for iOS and Android
Push-Out-Baby-3How to Push Out Your Baby
In case it isn’t obvious, this straightforward app is all about the exit strategy for your baby on the way. In a series of five short videos (between one and three minutes each), you’ll learn all about the simple yet effective coordinated pushing technique, which promises to help you efficiently evict your “wombmate” on the big day. Download it before your due date, so you can practice ahead of time. $8 for iOS
Offering access to lactation experts, peer groups, local resources and more, this interactive app provides 24-hour breastfeeding support. Whether you’re looking for a nursing-friendly location near you (just check the map!) or wondering how to handle a biter (log on to the forums!), you can latch on to this virtual community for help. Free for iOS and Android
Skip the messy stamp pad, and track your tot’s growing hands and feet digitally instead. Simply hold them flat against the screen, and the easy-to-use app will create a true-to-size (albeit generic) representation of baby’s hand- or footprint. Free for iOS
From first steps to date nights, life is often about the little things. But how many new moms have time to jot the good stuff down in a diary? We’d estimate close to none. Instary keeps it simple by saving your memories and photos in a matter of seconds. With one click, you can decide to share a post with friends or keep it private—no public timeline, no unwanted followers, no hassle. Free for iOS

GloNuture-iconGlow Nurture
The makers behind Glow Nurture realize pregnancy doesn’t end on delivery day. It can take weeks (even months) for your body to bounce back, which is why this app offers support for both before and after baby’s debut. Use the postpartum log to track your symptoms and feelings, and connect with other new moms through the Glow community —so you can ward off anxiety and depression or spot them early on. Free for iOS and Android
Village-1Village for Parents
It’s no secret that it takes a village to raise a child—but if your family is far away or you’re the first of your friends to have a baby, a knowledgeable support system may be hard to come by. So where’s a mom to go for guidance? Try this question-and-answer app, which allows you to get—and give—advice via its community of parenting peers and experts. Whether you’re wondering about naps, nannies or nipple confusion, this virtual village can help. Free for iOS