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The first thing I thought when I saw the Anne […]

The first thing I thought when I saw the Anne York Everyday Tote was, Yay! Something different! This bag is unlike any other nappy sack I’ve seen before. It’s gorgeous—so gorgeous, in fact, that I’m positive I’ll continue to use it long after my tots are potty-trained. Which is exactly how it was designed to be used: not only as a functional diaper bag but also as a laptop tote, travel bag (great for a flight carry-on), market bag, yoga bag or basically anything else you can think of that you’d need to carry stuff around for.

The construction of this tote is great. It’s very sturdily made, and I love the leather handles. The outside is made from an eco-friendly canvas, and the inside has a waterproof lining—a must for a diaper bag, obviously. My favorite part is the 5-compartment silicone organizer that slips into the bag (sold separately). It keeps everything you need for baby neatly organized—but if you’re using it for, say, an overnight bag instead of a diaper bag, you can just pull it out and have a regular old tote to fill. Genius! (The organizer easily wipes clean, which is another plus.)

This bag’s unique design makes it suitable for both quick days trips and longer ventures out. Most diaper bags are very wide and bulky, but this one finds its space vertically, so it’s simple to carry loaded to the brim or with only a few things in it. In addition to the silicone compartment, there are plenty of pockets—two exterior zippered laptop pockets and three additional exterior pockets—to help keep you organized. The whole thing zips closed so your contents always stay in the bag, where they belong.

The only downfall I could find for this bag was the length of its straps. I wish they were just a little bit longer, because they felt a little short when I threw the bag up on my shoulder. I found myself normally carrying it on my arm, which was no big deal—but it could be a big deal to a shorter person, if the bag bounced against their legs as they walked. (My slightly shorter sister-in-law pointed that out!) Stroller D-rings are included with the bag, which is handy.

I’ve been carrying the Swedish blue everyday tote, and I love the color. It’s so vibrant and cheerful. The bag also comes in gray and black, if you’re looking for something more neutral.

One of my favorite things about this tote is its history. It was dreamed up in Paris, designed in Austin, Texas and is made right here in the U.S.A. It’s really a great bag—one I would have no problem recommending to my friends. It’s a little expensive, but if you’re the type of person who likes to spend more on something that will last a lifetime, you’ll probably love the Anne York Everyday Tote, too.

Price: bag $298; organizer $68
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