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When your name is Olive Darling, it’s almost a given […]

When your name is Olive Darling, it’s almost a given that your nursery is going to be, well, darling. An affection for llamas inspired this lovely room designed by Olive’s mom, photographer and blogger Stephanie Pollock. “As soon as we started planning a nursery I knew I wanted to add llamas into every corner,” shares Pollock. “Originally I was thinking a touch more Peruvian, but then we went way more girly—and it fits Olive’s personality perfectly.” Here’s what she has to say about the process.

Baby’s fave
“The teepee is Olive’s favorite thing in the room.”

Moody pinks
“I was going for bright and playful. I didn’t want Olive’s room to be associated only with sleep; I wanted it to be bright enough for us to be able to play in there throughout the day and colorful enough to inspire.”

Well spent
“I had my heart set on the wallpaper, and once it was up I felt like it really completed her room. In my mind, her room will always be changing as she grows—toys will come and go, her crib will change—but I feel like this wallpaper will last for a long time, so it is worth the splurge.”

Learning curve
“We are currently expecting baby No. 2, and I’m excited to be able to create another fun space. I want to have a better changing station area [next time]—one that is more practical and organized. Right now Olive’s diapers are in her closet, and we always forget to restock them on the table.”

Round the bin
Pollock credits Olive’s easy-access toy storage for keeping the nursery in order. “It’s crazy how many things a baby can accumulate,” she remarks. “I feel like she is always getting gifts or new toys or books, and every night before she goes to sleep, we pick up all her toys and put them back in their place. Being able to end the day with her room in order makes it ready for us to have even more fun the next day.”

Small space
“The rooms in this house are pretty small, so we had to make every bit count.”

Photography by Kole Impressions