Animal farm

By Published On: September 1st, 2014

Dinner is the cat’s meow. Donna Wilson plate, $35 Your […]

Donna-WilsonDinner is the cat’s meow.
Donna Wilson plate, $35

Skip-Hop-1Your tot will look so fly when she carries this pack into daycare.
Skip Hop backpack, $20

SugarboogerEverybody knows farmhands wear bibs.
Sugarbooger by Ore’Originals mini bib set, $13

ClavisStorytime? Hop to it with a sturdy book that grows with your tiny tadpole.
Clavis board book, $13

Luca-and-CoBecause every family has to have a black sheep.
Luca and Company oversized toy, $150

Wonder-WorldGiddyup on a horse that rocks.
Wonderworld rocking horse, $80

Mud-PieMoove over, ice in a plastic baggie; this ouch pouch is our new favorite boo-boo aid.
Mud Pie ouch pouch, $15

Elegant-BabyInstead of quacking, this duck squeaks!
Elegant Baby rattle, $13

CraneFor when your oinker needs extra moisture.
Crane humidifier, $44

TotoKnitsIn this case, you won’t mind having a mouse in the house.
Toto Knits sweater, $48