Angelcare Bath Support

By Published On: December 12th, 2014

You know what they say about twins: double the pleasure, […]

You know what they say about twins: double the pleasure, double the fun! And also double the diapers and double the baths. Luckily on the bath front, I had the privilege of trying out the Angelcare Bath Support with my new little ones, and it’s a sturdy tub that should be well up to the task of the many rubdowns it has in its future. (Not sure what I’m going to do about all those diapers, but I’m sure it will get easier in time!)
AngelcareOut of the box, the Angelcare Bath Support looked absolutely nothing like the baby baths I’d seen my nieces and nephews washed in. Rather than being a small plastic tub, it’s more of a recliner with a mesh seat—which means that baby isn’t spending bath time sitting in a tub of dirty water. (Score one for the germophobe.) You can place this seat inside your “real” tub and constantly pour clean water over your tot to wet and rinse him or her. It’s easy, it’s hygienic … love at first sight for this gal.
Of course, mama’s only happy when her babies are happy, so the real test came when I tried the tub out with my new twins (one boy, one girl, pure heaven). Bath one, baby boy: He loved it! I kept a near-constant stream of warm water running over him (with a cup) so he wouldn’t get cold, and he seemed quite comfy and content. The best part? When he peed (as he seems to do every time I remove his diaper), there was no need to empty the tub and refill it with clean water. It drained away just like all the dirty water!
Bath two, baby girl: She loved it too! I appreciated that the recline kept her wobbly heads in place (no trying to support the neck with one hand while awkwardly soaping up a cloth with the other). This seat really is awesome, and I’m so incredibly thankful to have it. We’ll use it right up until my babies are big enough to sit and play in the regular tub. Here are a few additional points that make the Angelcare Bath Support so incredible.

  • An anti-slip guard: The seat doesn’t slip or slide at all on the tub surface, meaning baby is safe and secure.
  • Storage hook: Although we leave our seat in the tub since the babies are the only ones using that bathroom, it does include a hook for storage.
  • Mold-resistant material: A must-have for anything bath-related.
  • Easy to carry handle: This feature makes taking your tub along on the go a breeze.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this seat to my friends. In fact, at $30, it would make a great shower gift!
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