And to all a good night

By Published On: July 1st, 2016

This darling tale is like the epilogue to the nursery […]

This darling tale is like the epilogue to the nursery rhyme—you find out what happens after the bough breaks (and thankfully, it’s a happy ending).
Ciera, Editorial Intern
Nancy Paulsen Books storybook, $17
Babies in pajamas are quite possibly my favorite thing in the world.
Lacey, Editor in Chief
Hanna Andersson sleeper, $30
In an effort to stop using my phone until the minute I close my eyes, I took up coloring. And now I’m addicted.
—Chantel, Associate Editor
Doubleday Books for Young Readers coloring book, $10
I love that this softly glowing lamp is as at home in mom’s room as it is in the nursery.
Lauren, Executive Editor
Goodnight Light lamp, $93
Don’t we all want our babies to sleep through the night?
Sarah, Contributor
Kiddy World Publishing book, $14
My children’s bedtime routine begins with a bath—it’s such a calming ritual.
Ginny, Contributing Editor
JOHNSON’S BEDTIME baby moisture wash, $5
If you suffer from nocturnal hot flashes, these high-tech sheets are a game-changer.
Mayuko, Photographer
Bedgear performance sheets, from $195
If ever there were a time to upgrade to a king-size bed, it’s during pregnancy.
Shea, Fashion & Style Editor
Leesa mattress, from $525
I would wear this robe all day, every day if I could.
Steph, Creative Director
Cake Maternity robe, $90