An ode to family and friends

By Published On: February 17th, 2012

Written by: Christopher February 17 2012 I’ve always known we’ve […]

Written by: Christopher

I’ve always known we’ve had great family and friends. I cherish all the amazing people I have in my life. Our experience as new parents has been a wonderful reminder how awesome friends and family really can be. I wanted to use today’s column to celebrate and thank some rather amazing friends and family.

I want to thank great parents who drove a weary and tired new family home from the hospital, and commemorated our arrival home with a hot and delicious Swiss Chalet (a Canadian chicken restaurant) dinner. Now that is how you want to start parenthood.

I’m eternally grateful to a mother-in-law and sister-in-law who spent the first few days cleaning our house and helping to take care of my wife, so that we could focus on the baby.

Food. That is something we’ve had a lot of over the last two months. We haven’t had to do much cooking thanks to a mother-in-law who prepared enough meals to stock a large grocery store and also friends who’ve greeted us with prepared meals (the best kind of greeting). If there is anything new parents need, it is prepared meals.

I’m touched by neighbours who not only took the time to scour the stores for fantastic gifts, but also greeted our son with the type of love you expect from close family. It is wonderful to know that love stretches farther than just blood relations.

I’m thankful for the countless friends that have visited us and brought such wonderful gifts for Everett. We never expected and asked our friends and family to come with presents, but we’re glad you’ve all helped in spoiling Everett early.

I love that Everett has grandmas that not only are willing to look after him, but expect to look after him.

I’ll never forget everything our midwives have done for my wife and son, and they’ve created a bond that now puts them into the friend and family category.

It is really great to have so many friends and family that want to throw showers. After three showers, we now have a pretty extensive wardrobe thanks to many kind people. It has allowed us to use our money for important things like baby toys.

I’m thankful for the many people who have said, “How are Everett and Emily? And how are you doing?” Those words of genuine concern are more valuable than gold—but I’d take that too if you have some.

I want to thank all my friends and family for helping us on this new journey.

I also want to thank all my wonderful readers who come here every Wednesday and Friday to share this new and exciting experience with me.

To everyone, I thank you.