Amy Michelle Zebra bag

By Published On: May 16th, 2012

I know many a mom who is a fan of […]

I know many a mom who is a fan of the “bags for baby should look like they’re for baby” camp. They opt for bags with animal prints or appliqués, and while that’s the right choice for some, I’m definitely more of a “mom carries the bag, so the bag should be for mom” camp.
zebra_turquoise_zoomAmy Michelle is a great source for the kinds of bags that fit into my camp. Made for moms who want a sophisticated diaper bag that will hold their diapers, wipes, pacifiers and lipstick, all while looking fab with their outfit.
The Zebra is a great example of a bag with fashion and function in one great tote. Made from soft distressed faux leather (be kind to our furry friends!), the Zebra has a subtle animal print that adds a little kick to your typical carryall. The inside of the bag is loaded with organizational helpers, including pockets for your cell phone, wallet and other personal items, pockets for bottles, diapers and wipes, a pacifier holder, and a key fob to make finding your keys a cinch. Achanging pad is included in its own zippered pouch, keeping it stowed away from the rest of your stash. Best of all, the lining of the bag is antimicrobial and easy to clean.
Ilove that there are several snaps on the upper inside of the bag. This gives you flexibility when it comes to how open you like to keep your purse. I like to have my stuff accessible all the time so that when I need to grab something while toting a baby on my hip, there are no extra bells and whistles to undo to get to it. But if I’ve set my bag down next to me at a restaurant, I can snap the buttons closed for privacy. Speaking of setting my bag down, the one place on a diaper bag that gets the most wear and tear is the bottom, and the Zebra takes care of that with four metal feet, included to help keep your bag in great shape for longer.
When it comes to toting your baby loot around, stroller straps are included to help snap it on to your stroller handle, keeping it from sliding off and keeping you from having to navigate the halls of the mall with a bulky shoulder. The Zebra comes in turquoise (shown), black or eggplant—all classy choices for any outfit.
For a bag that says “Haute Mama”instead of “Mommy” give the Zebra a try!
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