Amy Michelle Magnolia

By Published On: November 5th, 2012

I like to consider myself a diaper bag connoisseur. (OK, […]

I like to consider myself a diaper bag connoisseur. (OK, maybe I’m more of a diaper bag hoarder!) But whichever way you put it, I know diaper bags and they know me. That’s why when a close girlfriend of mine told me that her baby bag was an Amy Michelle Magnolia, I was stunned to learn that it was indeed a diaper bag instead of an ultra-chic carryall. I knew immediately that I had to find one for myself. The sleek design completely camouflages the fact that this little puppy is packed with a ton of functional, mom-friendly features. As not to get blinded by its beauty, let’s take an in-depth look at the goodies that make this bag so grand:
Picture 1_57Color. You can pick from red faux patent, black faux patent or plum faux patent, all of which have a champagne lining. (I picked plum!) The very faux leather design in these trendy, statement colors makes the bag give off an “I’m not with baby” feel. And these picks are in such solid color choices, that you will definitely continue to use them after baby can tote his own goods. Plus, the gold accents on the bag launch it to the next level.
Button closure. Surprise! It’s a magnet. When the bag is packed to the brim (which you know it will be, especially for those all day outings) you’ll be thankful for a button couple that can find it’s way together without much help.
Straps. The bag comes with two wide, durable straps that are sturdy enough to carry your biggest of loads. Seriously, I’ve packed it down with my work notebooks, all of my baby’s things for the day, along with my workout clothes and gym shoes all at once. The straps really can hold it all. And since they come with a 12.5 inch drop length, the bag falls at that “I’m not with baby” length.
Separate compartments. A zipper section divides the main compartment from another space for baby’s things like dirty clothes, diapers and the changer. Trust me, you’ll be thankful for that hidden space later.
Changer. The bag comes with a matching champagne changer, that’s as chic as it is washable and durable. The changer comes in a 24-inch by 14-inch length.
Card holder. Because we all know that a good diaper bag acts as a baby basket and purse in one, this bag comes with a personal money area to hold everything from your grocery card to your driver’s license. Simply fill the slots with your most needed goods and you are ready to easily access just what you want when you want it. (It’s actually my favorite feature!)
Wide pockets. Whether you’re holding a stack of diapers, or that new library book you just picked up, you will be thankful for the two extremely wide pockets. There’s also an additional zipper pocket for small or personal items.
Bottle holders. What good is a glam diaper bag if you’re just going to spill milk everywhere? Well, Amy Michelle thought of this too and there are two bottle holders on each end of the inside of the diaper bag. They even work perfectly for a water bottle too.
Easy-to-clean fabric. You want to know the best part about this lining? It’s antimicrobial to protect against germs and it’s so easy to wipe up little spills.
Metal feet. What are they good for? Making sure that the bottom of your diaper bag stays as beautiful as the day you bought it! With these four little non-intrusive guys, you’ll miss those bathroom floor yucks for sure.
Extras. In addition to all the goods listed before, there’s also a key ring and binky holder. The bag is very large at 18”L x 5.5”W x 13”H, weighs 1 pound, 12 ounces and comes with a one year warranty against manufacturer defects.
Seriously, if you are looking for a bag that’s as fabulous as it is functional, then this is the bag for you. You won’t be disappointed.
Price: $135
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