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By Published On: July 19th, 2015

By kid No. 3, one might like to think they’re […]

By kid No. 3, one might like to think they’re a bit of a parenting pro, but I’m finding out that—at least when it comes to breastfeeding—I am anything but. I have experienced babies who were great eaters from the start … and another who faced many challenges along the way. Having a great breast pump has been crucial to my long-term breastfeeding success with all kinds of eaters, and I have tried many brands, both as a full-time pumping and working mother, and now, as an occasionally pumping, stay-at-home mother. The Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump by Ameda is among my favorites, and it’s one that I would recommend for a number of reasons.
The Purely Yours pump includes convenient written AND video instruction for easy assembly and use. It runs using the included AC power adaptor or six AA batteries for on-the-go sessions. (A car adaptor can also be purchased separately.) After its initial cleaning, I was able to have my new pump assembled and ready to try in just a few minutes.
In addition to the breast pump’s milk collection system, the Purely Yours comes with many accessories to cover all of your needs. Included is a small carryall tote bag, four 4-ounce bottles, an extra set of pump valves, one pump adapter (to pump directly into storage bags instead of bottles), Ameda milk storage bags and nursing pad samples. I particularly like that when the pump is all packed up in its tote for travel, it is roughly half the size of the last pump I was trying to cart around! The tote’s several storage pockets also help keep supplies organized and ready at a moment’s notice, and it has been easy to clean just by wiping with a damp cloth.
The Purely Yours pump is discreet and comfortable to use, and I like that you can tailor it to fit your needs: You can single or dual pump, with speed and suction that are both customizable. For busy mamas or those a little accident prone like me, there are convenient bottle holders on top of the pump so that you never spill another drop of precious milk.
My one complaint is that while the Purely Yours is better performing than the majority of pumps I’ve tried, its suction is not quite as strong as my previous favorite. My pumping sessions now are slightly longer and result in a little less collected milk.
Still, when comparing the Purely Yours to other pumps I’ve tested, it rates as one of my favorites and is a reliable workhorse. Although I found it to be a bit less efficient with getting the job done, it is much easier to travel with due to its smaller footprint. For me, and as an occasional pumper, the convenience of a smaller breast pump outweighs a little extra time pumping.
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