All the business about diapers

By Published On: March 16th, 2012

Written by: Christopher March 15 2012 I was not looking […]

Written by: Christopher

I was not looking forward to changing diapers. Obviously, I don’t think I was in exclusive company. I don’t think there are too many parents who start counting down the days until they finally get to change their first diaper. I do have to admit that the months leading up to Everett’s arrival, I was trying to scheme some strategies to avoid having to change our baby. I know a neighbour who couldn’t change his children’s diapers without a clothes peg on his nose and a cloth wrapped around his face. I was wondering if I could try to convince Emily I had the same problem with the smells or maybe claim I am deathly allergic to baby bottoms. In the end, it was going to be a losing battle because I already am in charge of cleaning up our pet’s “business” and so, obviously my tolerance for such things was a few steps above needing a clothes peg.

I have to admit that diaper changing has turned out to be way easier than I imagined. It actually has moments where it is really fun. Now, I’m not saying that the act of peeling off a toxic diaper is a great way to spend a Saturday night. Diaper changing is one of the times that Everett interacts with me the most. He have given me his most smiles and delivered his most laughs and “talked” to me more often during the time I am changing his diaper. It is probably due to the fact I am talking to him the entire time in an effort to distract myself from what I’m actually handling.
The whole diaper changing deal isn’t as gross or bothersome as I thought it would be. I realize Everett is just a little over two months, and he isn’t laying the incredibly potent stuff yet. The boy only consumes breast milk at this point. The smell is usually nonexistent, and the contents are predictable. I realize it will all change when he starts eating solids and there is some variety to his diet. For now, it is easier than I thought it would be, and I’m not dreading every time I hear a rumble coming from his pants.

Before Everett came along, I wanted to make sure diaper changing was as easy as possible. I didn’t want things to take up more time than necessary and I wanted it as uncomplicated as possible. I was dreading diaper changing to begin with, and so I knew I’d explode if things didn’t remain nice and smooth. We had some discussion over the type of diapers we would use. I initially wanted disposables because I thought they would be the easiest and save the most time. I also had an archaic view of what cloth diapers were. I imagined a white table cloth that I had to fold into a fancy shape and then try to avoid piercing my fingers as I clip in the safety pins.

I ended up being way off on what a modern cloth diaper is. We ended up going with a diaper service, and they send us a pack of cloth diapers that essentially work like a disposable. There is isn’t any folding or finger piercing. The diaper is designed like your typical disposable (but made of cloth) and it has snaps so you can easily fit it on the baby. Since we hired a diaper service, we don’t even have to clean them, and instead just throw them in a bin that gets picked up once a week. Diaper changing has turned out to be much easier than I originally envisioned.

If you wanted me to make a recommendation, I’d definitely put two thumbs up for a cloth diaper service. Emily doesn’t like disposables because they give off this weird scent that is used to mask the “baby business” smell. It doesn’t work, and instead creates a whole new awful smell when mixed. There are obviously a lot of people that aren’t bothered by that smell. As for cloth diapers, you can save lots of money if you just buy and wash them yourself. My goal in life is to avoid having to wash diapers, because I don’t see my tolerance for it being very high. I like the time the diaper service saves, and I think it is well worth the cost. I know every couple is different, and they have their own priorities. It is great to know there are so many viable options. I’m happy that diaper changing isn’t the nonstop nightmare that I once feared.