All business, baby

By Published On: June 4th, 2012

Written by: Suzanna Palmer June 03 2012 By the time […]

Written by: Suzanna Palmer

By the time a baby is nearly eight months old, they have all sorts of accomplishments under their elastic waistbands. They can suck on their toes, drool on command and look adorable while doing just about anything—including sucking on their toes and drooling, which for the record, is not nearly as easy as it sounds. Just try it and see how cute you look. Or, uh, on second thought, take my word for it.

Jacob, being particularly advanced (ahem), has added crawling, standing, growing teeth, and throwing things to his eight-month repertoire. But, of all of his accomplishments, I think the most impressive is his claim as an entrepreneurial inspirator. (And, to be clear, by “inspirator” I mean he offers inspiration, not that he is a device through air or vapors are passed, although, depending on what he’s eaten that day, he is that, too.)

The entrepreneur he has inspired? My so-talented-I-can-hardly-stand-it sister, Christy. Seriously. This girl is like Martha Stewart but without the jail time and the wrinkles. Crafty materials know they don’t stand a chance in her presence and start to magically form themselves into cute creations. At least I imagine that’s how it happens.

For years, the family has been trying to get her to market her pretty things to the general public, but no dice. Then, one day, Jacob’s sweet little head entered the world, and a star was born. (Coincidentally, Jacob was born that day, too.)

Right away, Aunt Christy began crocheting her new little nephew hats for every occasion—elf hats, football hats, bunny hats, teddy bear hats. With my little guy’s noggin perpetually parading around her charming-as-can-be caps, it wasn’t long before folks started asking where they could get their own noggin toppers.

Voila! An Etsy shop was born. (If you want to take a gander, go here.)

But that was only the beginning . (Of course, being born usually is.) She started making all sorts of other crafty things for babies. My favorite are the flower headbands for little girls, which make me almost willing to consider labor again for the possibility of having a girl to put one on. (Key word being “almost.”)

Since I’m not alone in my good taste, it wasn’t long before area shops discovered her schtuff. Her pretty things are now for sale in some fancy-schmancy boutiques in Little Rock. (Today, Little Rock. Tomorrow, the world!)

And, just imagine, it was all thanks to my sweet little guy.

Now, if only I could get him to cut a deal with the next entrepreneur he inspires, we’ll be raking in the dough … provided he helps someone in the baking business.

But until then, we’re more than happy to accept payment in darling hats.

And, speaking of darling…