Air travel while pregnant

By Published On: July 1st, 2014

Always check with your doctor in advance, but air travel […]

Always check with your doctor in advance, but air travel until 36 weeks is generally considered safe if you have a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy. However, this doesn’t mean all airlines will permit you to fly. Most allow pregnant women on board through only their seventh or eighth month of pregnancy unless they have a consent letter from a doctor.
The Mayo Clinic recommends air travel during your second trimester from roughly 14 to 28 weeks. Your pregnancy is at a point when risks of mis-carriage and premature labor are lowest, but it also marks a sweet spot. Your first trimester blahs are waning and your energy is returning.
Follow these tips to stay as comfortable as possible on the plane:

  • Book an aisle seat for maximum legroom and easy access to the restroom.
  • Keep your flight low-stress by checking your bags curbside.
  • Don’t assume TSA agents will notice you’re pregnant. Ask for a physical pat-down if you don’t want to go through a body scanner.
  • Stay hydrated. Regularly flex your feet and legs. Get up, stretch and walk around every one to two hours.