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You guys, AGE Design’s HiLo is so smart. It is […]

You guys, AGE Design’s HiLo is so smart. It is seriously the easiest-to-clean highchair you’ll every come across.
Age Design HiLoAside from the sharp looking wooden legs, the highchair is made up of a singular piece of high quality, non-slippery plastic material with strength and durability similar to that of an outdoor playhouse or plastic sandbox. (Do you know what I’m talking about? I mean, this chair is prepared to face the elements, like milk showers and Cheerio tornados.) The complete lack of cracks and crevices makes the chair worth its weight in gold, I’d say. (Which is good, as the seat will set you back a few hundred buckaroos.) The chair can be wiped down—or heck, probably even hosed off—quickly and conveniently. No toothbrush, fine toothcomb or toothpick required.
Don’t let the fact that the seat is plastic and not plush cause you to question its comfort, by the way. The creators at Age Design considered all sorts of fancy anthropometric data (that’s body shape to us common folk) of 6-month-olds to 6-year-olds to make sure the seats are molded just right for petite frames.
Yep, I said seats, with an “s”—as in, multiple seats. Other than being oh-so-easy to clean up, the HiLo is also extra cool for its multi-seat options. You see, the first version of the chair has a high seat that’s much like other highchairs in height and function and is suitable for babes just starting on solids. But the seat can also be tipped over to reveal a second lower seat that’s perfect for toddlers and young children to use when sitting at the grown-up table. (The high seat and low seat are what gives the chair its name: HiLo. Clever, huh?) There’s a super simple mechanism on either side of the chair that clicks in to lock the seat into place and pulls out to allow the chair to be rotated to the opposite position. I think this feature is brilliant, since it eliminates the need for those always-seem-to-be-a-little-wobbly-and-potentially-unsafe booster seats.
What else might you want to know about the HiLo? Well, it has an easy to use tray that slides on and buttons into place. The tray is of medium size and has a lip around the edge to keep messes off the floor. It’s worth noting that the tray is not adjustable, so it can’t necessarily be scooted in to prevent spillage of foods in transit from tray to mouth. (Thank goodness for that easy wipe chair, right?) The tray has a soft crotch barattached to help baby stay put, and the three-point harness also does just that. Small wheels attach to the rear of the wooden legs to make the seat more mobile and less likely to scratch wooden floors.

In addition to being highly functional, the HiLo just plain looks cool. I mean really, look at these photos! Plus it’s available in six colors. I love having so many schemes to choose from—although I think I really just want one in every hue.
Price: $299
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