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“Research, research, research. Having knowledge of what will happen during […]

momses-working“Research, research, research. Having knowledge of what will happen during pregnancy, birth and afterward not only gives you confidence but makes transitioning so much easier as well.”
Larisha Campbell, age 27, Sicklerville, New Jersey
“Expect your life to change—sometimes for the better and sometimes not. Reach out to family and friends for help with cooking and cleaning. Also, don’t isolate yourself too much. Find local moms groups online.”
Heidi Murphy, age 32, Vernon Hills, Illinois
“Talk to other mothers who will be honest about how challenging new motherhood is. Remember to take care of yourself and your partnership. Trust your intuition.”
—Ronnie Vehemente, age 43, Santa Monica, California
“Go with the flow, rest when you can, and let people who want to help you help!”
—Jennifer Welsh, age 43, Northport, New York
“Join a prenatal exercise class, find out what your local hospital offers in terms of support groups, and be open and friendly when you see another pregnant woman.”
—Michele Silver, age 44, Montclair, New Jersey

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