Adelina Madelina Shadow Me Satchel

By Published On: November 25th, 2013

Welcome to the great baby gear debate. Luckily in my […]

Welcome to the great baby gear debate. Luckily in my household, my husband pretty much let me do most of the decision-making when it came to researching and buying the many things we brought into our home. However, when it came to the diaper bag, he did have some input. “Make it something I’d be comfortable carrying,” he pleaded. “It should be black. And simple. And manly. Yes, manly. No girlie prints. No tassels or shiny materials.” I decided to be a team player and not fuss over it, so we got just what he wanted: a boring black bag that could have doubled as a piece of carry-on luggage. But at least hubs carried it.
When I was pregnant with my second child, I found that we really didn’t need as much stuff this time around, so I had more time to research the few things we did want—including a new diaper bag. Yes, the boring black bag had been great with No. 1, but it was getting worn out. (And I wanted something new.)
The search was on, and this time I chose the Adelina Madelina Shadow Me Satchel in night. Yes it was black, but it was shiny and girlie and mine, all mine!
I’ve been using the Adelina for about month now, and I definitely feel more fashionable. It’s very lightweight, which is great. I had loved the idea of carrying a leather diaper bag, but I just couldn’t see myself slinging all of that extra weight in addition to the contents inside. With my Adelina in black, I have the patent leather look without all of the weight. While I know that it is a diaper bag, I could certainly carry it as my purse.
The bag is really easy to keep on my shoulder, even while carrying baby and holding the toddler’s hand. It cleans up in a snap with a wet cloth, and the construction is very sturdy. The main pouch has a magnetic closure, but I usually have so many things in it that it won’t close—not really a big deal. The changing pad that it comes with it is great, but I don’t really use the wipes holder as the wipes I use come in a bag with a resealable tab.
solidlimeslate_shadowmesatchel_interiorI find that with two kiddos, it works best as a day bag. It has separate pockets for diapering, feeding/snacks, bottles, and toys/extra clothes. Plus there is a pocket for pain relievers (teething!) and pacifiers. At least that’s how I’ve organized the bag. However, there is not enough room to accommodate several days’ worth of diaper changes, clothing or feeding supplies, especially with two kids. So I find myself repacking it every night, so it will be ready for the next day. I must also add that I always carry my own purse in addition to the diaper bag because it just won’t hold my stuff as well.
So as a day bag, it’s great. However, we have since bought a diaper bag/backpack which is marketed to men. We use that one when we travel or are going out to somewhere like a splash pad and need the extra room for things like towels and sunscreen.
Overall, I’m glad I have the Adelina. It works well for quick trips and it feels good to feel fashionable once in a while.
Price: $90
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