Active Tunes Stroll-A-Tune

By Published On: January 28th, 2010

Written by: Ginny January 28 2010 Going for a walk […]

Written by: Ginny

Going for a walk or run and listening to music go hand in hand, but hooking up to your earbuds while you’re strolling with your baby isn’t much fun for him. If you’re not into giving baby the silent treatment, check out Active Tunes’ Stroll-a-Tune “stroller stereo system”—it allows you to enjoy your favorite songs and interact with baby at the same time!

Stroll-a-Tune was fairly quick and easy to set up. I dusted off my screwdriver to attach the clamp to my stroller handle, hooked on the speakers, and attached my iPod, which was protected by the enclosed neoprene case. There are no dangling wires, and the speakers don’t seem to burn through batteries too quickly. Stroll-a-Tune works with any MP3 player—filled with your faves or your baby’s—or plays radio tunes. The volume can be adjusted through your MP3 player (just in case your fellow pedestrians don’t share your musical affinities).

Note: Stroll-a-Tune doesn’t work with certain strollers, so check for details on the website below before purchasing!

Price: $30
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