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By Published On: October 26th, 2011

My wife and I received a carrier from Action Baby […]

My wife and I received a carrier from Action Baby Carriers and have since put it to good use. I highly recommend the made-in-the-USA carrier to anyone who wants a stylish, sturdy carrier for his or her little one.
Action Baby CarrierThe first thing we noticed upon taking the carrier out of its package were its bright colors and the strong fabrics it was made out of. The carrier is available in a number of prints, as well as solids, and is no doubt a good-looking product. It took us a little while to figure out how to use the carrier for an infant, as the pictures in the manual weren’t as clear as one might wish. However, after a little work we were ready to go.
The folks at Action Baby Carriers recommend the carrier for use with infants from 8 pounds to tots up to 40 pounds. Our son was 2 weeks old and weighed 8 pounds when we first tried the product, and we found that his small stature made it hard for him to sit in the carrier. When he did, we were worried about him not being comfortable or having his head in an awkward position. Because of this, we felt more comfortable using the carrier once he was a little older, around 6 weeks and 12ish pounds. At this size, our baby can now sit tight against our bellies while his head is still supported fully.
The carrier is very comfortable and the straps are big and padded. The carrier does seem a bit bulky—which I suppose is a consequence of high quality and strength of its fabric and straps—but can fit into a roomy diaper bag when folded neatly. There are a few different ways to wear the carrier, as stated in the manual. If your baby is an infant, simply close off the leg flaps and position your baby to lie inside the carrier like a small bag. Once your baby can fully support his or her head, you can allow him to place his legs in the flaps and sit in the carrier like he would a grocery cart. The carrier can be worn on the front (with baby facing in) or on the back. The ability to wear the straps criss-crossed or more like a backpack allows the wearer to customize the fit to find the most comfortable carry for him- or herself. At first, you may need your partner to help you putting it on and it may take awhile for you to figure out all the little adjustments. However, once you’ve practiced, the carrier is fairly simple to use and provides a cozy ride for baby (even including a sleeping hood) and comfortable carry for mom or dad.
A definite advantage of this product would be the durability under constant use and wear and tear. I imagine you could use it for a very long time as your baby grows up, especially considering the high weight limit—I can’t see it ever falling apart. Action Baby Carriers recommends spot cleaning the carrier or machine washing it on cold on an as need basis to preserve the integrity of the buckles.
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