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One is easily smitten with the sprightly and charming Alexandra […]

One is easily smitten with the sprightly and charming Alexandra Breckenridge. She unassumingly commands attention, as do her most notable acting roles on the cult-binge hit “The Walking Dead” and NBC’s current cult-cry hit “This is Us.”

Life is bumping for the mom of 15-month-old Jack, as she juggles her career, a move, and her and husband Casey’s newest venture: a baby girl. Thankfully (and appropriately), her family- friendly work schedule affords her plenty of time at home, leaving Breckenridge feeling all the feels—not unlike the ones she helps impart on your teary Tuesday nights in front of the TV. “It’s really a dream job, and I am so incredibly lucky to have it,” she says.

This Connecticut-born Californian is candid in the challenge to find time for herself—a shared struggle in the sisterhood of motherhood. “If it weren’t for my husband, I just wouldn’t make it,” confesses Breckenridge. “Motherhood is the most amazing part of life you can experience and the hardest thing in the world at the same time.”

Still, her light and laid-back way is sure to ease Alex (we’re on a bestie basis) into her new title as mother of two as she channels all the traits of mother, woman, wife and friend. Stars, they’re just like us.

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