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By Published On: March 9th, 2017

Babies carriers may seem a dime a dozen, but finding […]

Babies carriers may seem a dime a dozen, but finding the right one(s) for your family can be challenging. For my tribe, we were in need of something for my oldest now that she has gotten too big to tote in a fabric wrap and prefers to toddle around. For the occasions where she agrees to be held, we are thankful to have the Abiie Huggs Contour baby carrier.

Upon first glance, you can see what sets this product apart from others. There is an integrated booster seat that creates the optimal ergonomic, healthy hip and posture sitting position for your growing baby. It provides long-standing comfort while allowing baby to be close and comfortable. This is great for lengthy trips Christmas shopping or an afternoon at the zoo. There are six possible carrying modes to use: front inward (both hip and traditional), front outward (both hip and traditional), back carry and crisscross carry. The suggested age ranges from 3-36 months for these positions, excluding the back carrying option that allots for 48 months.

The Huggs Contour is lightweight and looks rugged and sturdy, and it comes with many adjustable straps for a custom fit. To truly test out its durability, we first took it with us for an afternoon hike. After reading through the manual, we strapped our daughter (16 months) in facing outward and hit the trail. The instructions are helpful, but hands-on application is more efficient for learning how the carrier works. I will also say it seemed a bit daunting to get her situated alone, and some positions—like the back—probably need an extra set of hands to complete.

What I really love about this carrier is the freedom it gave my toddler to interact and experience the world around her while still being securely fastened to her father. I felt she was safe and entertained at the same time. Because the seat keeps baby in a healthy sitting position, she was able to enjoy the hike comfortably with minimal complaints. My husband also found this carrier to be comfortable and was able to move well without much restriction.

Another cool feature of the Huggs Contour is its ability to deconstruct and be worn as a booster seat on the hip to carry older children. The carrier is good for up to 45 pounds, so toddlers can get some extra use out of this option, too! Abiie also takes parent/child comfort into consideration when designing products. The crisscross straps and padding allow for optimal comfort for both you and your babe. There are also a handful of pockets and an optional sleeping hood for added privacy while napping, nursing or needing to be shielded from the bright sunlight.

I would recommend this product to any parent in need of a more heavy-duty carrier for more strenuous activities. If you have events or outing that can last a while, this carrier can provide peace of mind your wee one is safe and snug with zero compromise to their back or hip alignment. I know I sometimes can feel guilty for how long I leave my newborn in his wrap if things get busy, so this helps alleviate unnecessary stress and worry—and every parent can use more of that!

Price: $130
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