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It’s been a few weeks since I last posted and for […]

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted and for that I’m sorry. When life gets busy a month can fly by, and although in that time I’m not any different, as a month in adult terms is such a short amount, Ben is very, very different from the last time I checked in.
A couple weeks ago I was telling you about our holiday in the sun and how much we all enjoyed it as a family, and just before that he was going into his own room (which is still tough, although it’s getting easier).
Oh how things have changed.
In this short time that I’ve been absent (from you guys, not Ben) my little boy has become that, a little boy. I’m not saying he wasn’t a boy before—as clearly he has always been a boy—but I mean he no longer is defined as a baby by anyone who is close to him for everything about his mannerisms and nature are now of a boy.
Confused? Let me explain.
A month ago Ben didn’t have teeth, so when he smiled it was a baby’s gummy smile. Now, however, he as two at the bottom which popped up seemingly overnight, and it looks like one is starting to join the party from the top.
ben standingA month ago Ben could barely sit unsupported; now he can sit and play with all of his toys quite happily with us being able to sit near him and enjoy playing too (without worrying about him falling every three seconds).
A month ago Ben couldn’t stand—yes, I said stand! I don’t need to say much more, the picture speaks louder than any words I have! (But, yes, he is in a Led Zeppelin T-shirt.)
A month ago Ben was struggling with finger food feeding, and now we can just put down a few things while he picks and eats what he wants, without any issues of holding the food or chewing it. All of the above things make him seem so much more like a little boy.
The crazy thing about it all is it’s only been a month. Just one short month and it got me thinking, what have I accomplished in this same time? Well I can tell you straight away: not a great deal. I’ve not developed any new skills, I haven’t discovered anything new about myself, and I don’t have any clearer understanding of how the world works. I think the biggest personal achievement for me is I might have shaved twice in the past month (not because I have a cool beard, but because I’m lazy). That’s about it. When you compare the life-changing things Ben has achieved in the past month to my rather dismal shave story, there is no contest!
Time really is an odd thing, and maybe that’s why the older we get the faster it passes, Ben has learned more in a month than I would in five years, and maybe that’s all relative? It’s made me think, should I encourage Ben to live a lifestyle like us or should it be the other way round?

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