A solid start

By Published On: February 19th, 2013

Those first bites of “real” food are always memorable. Somewhere […]

Those first bites of “real” food are always memorable. Somewhere around your little one’s sixth month, you’ll likely introduce her to solids. Start with something easily digestible—rice cereal is a common favorite first food, but yellow or orange vegetables also make great firsts—and don’t despair if baby doesn’t seem interested in what you’re offering. Keep trying every day, and she’ll eventually dig in!
You’ll need only a few supplies for baby’s first meal.

  • Spoon(s)—These made-for-new-eaters make a fabulous first feeding utensil.
  • Food—It’s not hard to make your own, but if it isn’t your thing, pre-made options abound.
  • Highchair—Do some research to find the one that best suits your family’s needs. (Be sure to get one that’s easy to clean—it’ll be a mess!)
  • Bowl—Scoop a little food into a bowl and feed your baby from there so you can save the rest—you don’t want to save food that a used spoon has been dipped into.
  • Washcloth—Keep a supply in your kitchen, because you’ll need one after every meal!
  • Bib—Some moms prefer a machine-washable kind, while others opt for those made with a wipeable material.
  • Splat mat—This one is optional, but it saves your floor from all the mess and makes cleanup a little easier.

A solid start

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