A day in the life: Production

By Published On: June 5th, 2013
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Once a month, whether we’re ready or not, “Production” shows […]

Day-in-the-Life---Production Once a month, whether we’re ready or not, “Production” shows up on the calendar. On this day, we lay the pages of the issue we’re currently working on out on the floor in a loooong line and run through a comprehensive production checklist, which includes things like double-checking page numbers, making sure the titles of the articles aren’t too similar (“Pregnancy 101” can’t run in the same issue as “Baby poop 101,” for example ) and looking to see that every story has a P&N at the end (technically, it’s called a dingbat). Production can be exhausting, but it’s a welcome departure from days spent tapping away at the keyboards on our desks. Plus, we order in lunch—and you know nothing gets us more excited around here than food.

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